Yacht Charter in Fethiye

GULET HOLIDAYS IN FETHIYE - Holidays on board a traditional Turkish yacht

Like its much more commercial counterpart Marmaris, Fethiye is also the starting point for week long gulet blue cruises. Looking for a different holiday to Turkey ? Why not consider a cabin charter on a traditional Turkish boat & book a gulet cruise from Fethiye. Wake up in a new place each morning as you travel along the coast, enjoy the superb scenery & spend each day swimming in the beautiful clear waters of the turquoise sea.

Holidays in Fethiye would suit those happy with a quiter pace of life but who want easy access to vibrant nightlife & clubs. Fethiye has a relaxed atmosphere with the eateries & shops staying open late into the night so people can browse in the cooler evening.

For holidaymakers looking for quality accommodation, peaceful nights enjoying a drink by the harbour or party evenings in a nearby resort & lazy days spent swimming or exploring ancient archaeological sites, Fethiye is ideal .This lovely town has plenty to charm on your holiday to Turkey


Fethiye yacht charter


Yacht Charter in Fethiye

The Fethiye area is located on the South West coast of Turkey & has been a popular region to visiit for travellers for many years. With its many diverse resorts all within a short distance of eachother Fethiye can offer something for everyone. Each resort has its own distinct personality .Tourist friendly but with a full time populace keeping the Turkish feel very much alive, Fethiye region is guaranteed to be the perfect introduction to this beautiful country & will keep you coming back on holiday to Turkey year after year


Fethiye is a market & harbour town near the resorts of Hisaronu & Oludeniz & Calis. Surrounded by mountains on one side & the sea the other, this picturesque town dates back to the 6th Century BC, when it was a thriving Lycian city known as Telmessos ( Land of Light ). There are rock tombs carved into the mountain side & sarcophagi dating from this period & also the remains of a castle built later by the Knights of St John.

New discoveries in Fethiye are being unearthed such as the amphitheatre near the marina. The main town was rebuilt in the 1950’s after an earthquake flattened the town leaving only a mosque & the old Turkish bath ( Hamam ) still standing. This town is not purpose built for tourism & has lots of Turkish restaurants & bars as well as an indoor market & shops aplenty.
There are some charming Fethiye hotels, many with lovely harbour views. It has a real Turkish feel about it. It can make a refreshing change from the commercial bussle of the local resorts. There are a plethora of shops & boutiques & the daily market is a magnet for those who wish to see Turkish daily life going on around them.

Yacht Charter FETHIYE - Traditionally Turkish & tourist friendly.

The main focal point is the harbour where you can enjoy a cooling drink & watch the boats come in or observe the locals strolling along the promenade. There are many cafes & restaurants by the waterside to choose from but if you want to sample true Turkish fare then head in town to where the ‘ locanta’s are located. Wherever you see the locals eating is a good place to try & some even stay open 24 hours !

Fethiye has lots of banks & change bureaux & a post office. At the large open market on Tuesdays you will find locals & visitors alike bartering over everyday & souvenir goods. The banter is good natured - if you don’t like the price don’t buy, if the seller doesn’t like the price he won’t sell simple as that. When bartering be reasonable, the locals still have to earn a living. You will find many stalls selling fake designer goods & the price reflects that - don’t be persuaded to buy perfume - wait until you go back to the airport duty free when you are assured the products are genuine.

WHY YACHT CHARTER IN FETHIYE - A Lovely base from which to explore the local area

Lovers of archaeology & history will find this once head of the Lycian empire has sites of interest aplenty from rock tombs in the hillside of Fethiye town itself to Kaya "ghost ”village not far from Hisaronu with its thousand ruined houses & churches dating back to 4 BC.
Nature lovers will enjoy the pine forest clad mountains that surround the area & places such as Saklikent where ice cold mountain waters cascade through a huge gorge.

With its history, commerce & genuine Turkish ambience it will appeal to shopaholics & culture lovers alike so make it a port of call on your next holiday to Turkey , if you are nearby even for a day visit, Fethiye is worth a look or consider staying in Fethiye itself - there’s more than just the market to enjoy.

FETHIYE - A wealth of history through the ages.

Records show Fethiye was an important city in the Lycian empire under the name Telmessos & began life somewhere around the 5th Century BC. On the Lycian / Carian border its placement was strategic.

The name Telmessos apparently came about when the god Apollo fell in love with the King of Pheonicia's youngest daughter Agenor. Apollo disguises himself as a dog to win her affections & then appears as a handsome young man. They have a son together whom they call Telmessos ( meaning Land of Lights ) & a city is established in his honour.
The city became part of the Persian Empire after the invasion of King Harpegos in 547 BC along with many other Carian & Lycian cities but maintained its independence compared to other cities.
The rock tombs in the Fethiye hillside date back from Lycian times whilst the theatre is Hellenistic in date.

In the winter or 334-333 BC Alexander the Great on a mission to invade Anatolia, entered the harbour of Telmessos. It is reported that his commander of the fleet Nearchus ( Or Nekros ) received permission from King Antipatrides for slaves & musicians to enter the city. These turned out to be soldiers in disguise with their weapons concealed in flute boxes. They captured the city during the nightly feast

The city came under Roman occupation & was then passed into the sovereignty of the King of Pergamun around 189 BC. After the decline of Pergamun it reverted back to Roman control when in 443 AD on the wishes of emperor Claudius the Roman senate declared Lycia as a Roman province. During the Byzantine era the harbour had gained significant importance until the Arab raids.
In the 8th Century AD the city was known as Anastasiopolis in honour of the Byzantine emperor Anastasius II.

By the 10th Century its name had changed once again this time to Makri ( Greek for distant or far ) .It then came under the control of the Anatolian beylik of Mentese in 1284 & has another name change to Megri . It became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1424.
The final name change to Fethiye came about in honour of the first Turkish pilot to die whilst on active duty. He was Mehmet Fethi Bey who died after crashing on his way back from Damascus in 1914 & the name was ratified in 1934.

NIGHTLIFE & EATING OUT ON HOLIDAY TO FETHIYE - Plenty of lovely places to choose from

Almost every hotel in Fethiye has a roof-top or terrace bar or restaurant many with wonderful sea views & serving all kinds of drinks.

Fethiye has a huge array of eateries with everything from traditional Turkish, seafood , fast food & International cuisine on the menus. Most restaurants here have menus with their prices clearly displayed. They often have refrigerators from which the starters ( mezes ) or seafood is chosen. Fish can be expensive as price is determined by the type & weight of the fish but it is daily fresh
Seafood is always more expensive than other menus so the criteria for choosing this restaurant type would be range & freshness of the produce in the refrigerators.

Whilst many places to eat are on the harbour front, there are lots of lovely places to try in the back roads & pedestrianised areas such as Paspatur the old section of town. There is a delightful atmosphere at night in Fethiye with no loud music intruding on the gentle sounds of people chatting , laughing & enyoying themselves.

Even if you are looking for a snack or light bite there is plenty to choose from. There are also lots of patisseries in Fethiye so even if you fancy a coffee & a nice dessert or cake you have choices there too.

BARS IN FETHIYE - Relax ,unwind & enjoy the beautiful views

When on holiday in Fethiye you will find a good range of bars to enjoy . Some offer live music including Turkish & Arabesque style, others quiet atmosphere with great views. In the old section of town Paspatur there are some cocktail bars & a couple of dancing bars / nightclubs but if you are looking for a vibrant party scene you would do well to head to the more commercial resorts of Hisaronu or Oludeniz.

Prices in Fethiye for food & drink can be cheaper than those of the resorts although imported drinks are always more expensive. Whilst drinks prices are more or less standard restaurants can vary quite a lot so it is worth having a good look around to get the best value.
The choice of bars, restaurants & cafes mean there is something for everyone. Fethiye's many streets & lanes are full of shops & boutiques that stay open well into the night offering a chance to have a browse after a nice meal by the harbour.

LAST MINUTE YACHT CHARTER TO FETHIYE - Get a late deal & run to the sun.

For a last minute Turkey Yacht Charter,Fethiye has much to offer. As a working harbour town with so many wonderful places to visit just on its doorstep , a relaxed charm of its own & some lovely yachts to holiday in, Fethiye is a more bays than the other local purpose built resorts nearby.

During the day most yacht charter company eceyachting relax by their yacht charter, meander through the lanes & streets browsing or head over to Calis or Oludeniz beach & lagoon to enjoy the calm, warm waters .

Local excursions such as jeep safari & boat trips are a brilliant way to spend a fun day awayt on a last minute holiday to Fethiye exploring nearby places of interest. But if you just want a late deal holiday to unwind & relax around the pool you will be able to choose something that suits from our great range.

FETHIYE LATE YACHT CHARTER DEALS - Lots to see & do in this Turkish harbour town

The choice of places to eat in Fethiye is huge from the ubiquitous fast food joints & small lokantas offering the very best of Turkish cuisine to sea food sold & served in the charming fish market there is something for everyone to enjoy.

There are quite a few bars to choose from & a couple of clubs to while away the nights. Many bars have outside seating, gardens or terraces from which to enjoy the balmy evenings & watch the world go by.

With our years of expertise in the Turkey holiday industry, Ece Yachting can help you find your perfect holiday so give us a call & let our experienced, knowledgable staff assist you . Our daily competitive price checks mean our holiday package prices are unbeatable . Call our call centre today to book your great value summer holiday to Turkey.

Last minute flights to Dalaman may be late a night but if you book your airport transfers with us we will ensure you get to your accommodation quickly & efficiently so you can start your holiday the very best way.

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CHEAP YACHT CHARTER IN FETHIYE - Book early to get the best deals

With many cheap flights to Dalaman & a range of yachts in Fethiye to choose from there are lots of great deals to Fethiye to take advantage of.

Generally because of their quality Fethiye yachts are not as cheap as those in the more commercial resorts of Hisaronu & Calis but they definitely offer value for money. Most of the hotels are bed & breakfast or half board but there is also a holiday village just around the peninsula offering all inclusive. The hotels along the marina tend to have the best views too which keeps their prices higher.

That said many offer early booking discounts for reservations made well in advance & this can be the best way to get a cheap holiday to Fethiye when combined with a budget Dalaman flight.

FETHIYE YACHT CHARTER HOLIDAYS - Relax by the pool or explore Lycian ruins.

Fethiye is especially suited to couples who will enjoy the Turkish feel or the town itself & its great location to get out & about exploring other places of historical & natural beauty. Here they will avoid the loud "in your face” party style of the other local resorts but are still close enough to visit them for a wild night out if they so choose.

Fethiye offers a different kind of holiday experience & much less run of the mill than a typical summer Turkey yacht holiday. More cosmopolitan ( Fethiye is very popular with more than just UK customers ) & upmarket a Fethiye holiday is a cut above the rest.
Why not let our experienced staff assist you in finding the right deals to Fethiye for you. Give us a call or use the online chat facility now.

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HOLIDAYS TO FETHIYE - Sit by the harbour & take it easy

With our years of expertise as the No1 Turkey holiday specialist, Ece Yachting can help you find your perfect holiday to Fethiye so why not give us a call & let our experienced, knowledgeable staff assist you Our competitive price checks mean our holiday package prices are unbeatable . Phone our call centre today for more about great holiday deals to Fethiye

Fethiye is a year round working harbour town so even in the height of the season it carries on much as it has done for many decades - it just gets a little busier with the influx of visitors. Because of this Fethiye retains it's Turkish feel & is far less commercial than the local resorts nearby.

As the areas main town Fethiye has a good selection of every day shops etc as well as those geared more towards tourists. The older part of town Paspatur has lots of restaurants, gold & carpet shops, boutiques & cafes many of which area seasonal but generally Fethiye is open all the time

FETHIYE YACHT HOLIDAYS - Things to see & do.

There are a good number of bars & a few clubs. Some of the bars offer live Turkish music & cater for domestic tourists & local people but anyone is welcome
The harbour front is a delightful place to sit & watch the boats come to & fro. Fethiye has a lively fish market with lots of restaurants around its edge that sell the daily fresh seafood that comes in to the harbour. You can buy your fish or seafood from the vendors in the centre of the square & then take it to any of the restaurants on its perifory & they will cook it to your liking.

As well as the historical sites within Fethiye town itself - from the rock tombs & theatre to the sarcophagi dotted around the town - there are many more sites of antiquity just a short drive away. Tlos, Xanthos & Patara to name just a few are all within 1 hours drive. The beautiful gorge of Saklikent - a natural site of interest - is less than 40 minutes from Fethiye
Across the bay is the tourist resort of Calis which has a long shingle beach & is famed for its cooling breezes & stunning sunsets. It can be reached by minibus ( dolmus ) or by water taxi.
The famous beach of Oludeniz with its lagoon & lively nightlife is less than a 30 minute bus ride away . On the way to the beach you will pass through Hisaronu a purpose built holiday resort maybe but definitely the local nightlife capital & a fun place to have an evening out.

FETHIYE HOLIDAY HOTELS - Boutique & charming.

There are a few good hotels in Fethiye mainly at the end of the harbour. These tend to fall more into the boutique category hence pricing is more expensive than in the more commercial resorts. Some have seaviews & all offer high quality accommodation with well appointed rooms & more opulant decor . Boutique hotels in Fethiye are worth the little extra .

Some further around the bay are 2 - 3 star standard rather than boutique & are cheaper . There are also 1 or 2 hostel type places & pensions to accommodate travellers passing through & back packers.

Fethiye Tours & Excursions

FUN TOURS ON HOLIDAY IN FETHIYE - Great days out & about all will enjoy

12 Islands Boat trip -No holiday to Turkey is complete without at least 1 day out on a boat .Cruise along the clear, azure waters of this breathtaking coastline, drinking in the scenery and soaking up the sun, with plenty of time for a dip to cool off. Drinks available on board & lunch is included.A full day out & ideal for all the family with shallow & deep water stops & a chance to explore several of the islands.

Dalyan- One of the most popular trips for people on holiday in Turkey as it is so varied & all the family can enjoy this day out, Dalyan is just over 1 hr 15 mins from Fethiye. A river boat waits to cruise you down the bullrush lined delta, passing the 2300 year old Lycian rock tombs in the hillside on the way to the site of Caunos The highlight of the day is a trip to the famous mud baths. The sulphorous mud should be applied all over the body allowed to dry & then rinsed to leave your skin feeling cleansed & soft. You will journey down river to the sandy beach of Istuzu where you can swin & soak up the sun & relax on a beach famous as a turtle breeding ground.

Oludeniz boat trip - Leaving directly from Oludeniz public beach this cruise is a day of sun, sea & fun & is
one of the most popular days out for people to do when on holiday in Fethiye. Discover the beauty of Butterfly Valley (only accessible by boat) home to the unique Jersey Tiger Butterfly. The canyon walls are steep, some 350m high & the valley extends some 3- 4km back from the coveSwim in the Blue Cave and cool down at Cold Water Springs ( very aptly named ) A stop at St. Nicholas Island ( also known as Gemiler Island ) gives you the opportunity to explore . Here you can still see the remains of a covered arched walkway that joined 2 churches - one at the top of the island, the other at the waters edge. The ruins date back from the Byzantine era. A great value, full day trip that the whole family can enjoy.


Jeep safari - A great way to see lots of the local sights of interest & countryside all in one day. Drive the 4 x 4 yourself or be a passenger on a route that covers over 100Km & includes places such as Tlos, Saklikent ( the Hidden Valley gorge ), Xanthos ( Byzantine & Lycian ruins ) & ends up at Patara - the longest sandy beach in Turkey - before heading home.

Paragliding - Jump from the highest commercial paragliding site in Turkey. The high mountain peak (1975 metres) of Babadag ( Father Mountain ) is the launch point for a truly breathtaking journey through the clear air with eagle eye views of the lagoon , Oludeniz & Butterfly Valley spread out below you. From launch to landing on the soft sands of Oludeniz Belcekiz Beach, the flight takes a minimum of 25 minutes but may be longer - up to 45 minutes - according to the thermals & is a truly breathtaking experience.

Scuba diving : Underwater adventure for both new and experienced divers. Try something new on holiday in Turkey & see the underwater world from a fish's perspective.A full day tour including 2 dives ( approx 25 mins each for beginners ) lunch & full professional instruction given on the boat. Both Beginners & experienced divers are catered for. Specialised courses & dive programmes from PADI and BSAC and CMAS are available ( eg Open Water Certificate 4 day course )


Ephesus & Pamukkale - This 2 day adventure takes you to the amazing ruins at Ephesus ( including the amphitheatre which seated over 25,000 people, the Library of Celsus, the Marble road, latrines & remains of the Temple of Artemis one of the World's Seven Wonders ) where the Romans once prospered. The remains are breathtaking. Pamukkale - the Cotton Castle. The calcium travertines here have been called natural wonders & have been described as "frozen waterfalls" - they are quite a site to see. For thousands of years an underground spring located deep in the earth has been pouring out streams of hot mineral-saturated water. The terraced layers cover an area of about 3000m by 300m at a height of about 100 m above the surrounding plain.The water has shaped the area by depositing limestone. A definite highlight of any holiday to Turkey

Tlos & saklikent - Explore the ruins of the capital of ancient Lycia - Tlos - with its acropolis,stadium, theatre & rock tombs.Tlos was the home of the mythological winged horse Pegasus & his relief has been carved into one of the tombs. Wander through the icy waters of Saklikent ( the Hidden Valley ) to get fabulous photographs Pass through villages where life has continued unchanged for centuries. Saklikent Gorge ("Hidden City") is the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey - 18 km long and so steep and narrow that the sun does not penetrate the water, leaving it deliciously icy-cold in the summer. Have lunch in the idyllic setting of Yakapark where trout swim in pools under the walnut trees. Great day out & only 50 mins from Oludeniz. A day of history, scenery & culture

Turkish bath - A Traditional cleansing experience .One of the highlights of a holiday in Turkey is a visit to a Turkish bath or Hamam.On entering the hamam you will be given a thin wrap-around sarong Swimwear is worn The heart of the Hamam is the Navel Stone (Gobek Tasi ) In a good bath this will be piping hot! After a 20 minute relax the masseur will rub you down with an abrasive mitt (kese) to rub away untold layers of dead skin and grime. The soap massage follows the scrub and leaves your skin baby soft. The whole experience will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed & you may well find you opt for an early night . A good nights deep sleep is guaranteed.

Fethiye Transfers

Dalaman flights for Fethiye holidays

FLIGHTS TO Fethiye - Getting to the resort

While there are no direct flights to Fethiye, Dalaman airport is only 90 minutes away on a journey that takes you through some lovely scenery

CHEAP FLIGHTS TO DALAMAN - This busy airport has many bargain flights from all over UK

Fethiye & Icmeler are both served by Dalaman Airport, an award winning hub for flights from all over Europe & Turkey. Flights to Dalaman from UK are plentiful throughout the summer season with planes arriving every day of the week. Virtually every airport in UK has a charter flight to Dalaman & this means plenty of choice when you are booking your holiday to Fethiye. Early bookers tend to get the cheap flights to Dalaman with prices increasing as the date gets nearer - a change from how things used to be. There are however, many late deals available if you are flexible on flight times & day. Holidaymate can help you get the best prices on the market for your Turkey holiday. There are many flights to Dalaman to choose from so why not save time & give the Ece Yachting call centre a ring & let our expert staff find the best flight match for you at the lowest price around

Fethiye TRANSFERS - Get to resort hassle free

The excitement of seeing the turquoise Mediterranean waters of Fethiye bay & the expectation of a fun filled holiday sampling the varied nightlife of Fethiye means the transfer passes quickly.
Ece Yachting offers excellent rates for transfers from Dalaman airport & ensures you get to your hotel or apartment in Fethiye with the minimum of hassle after all ,we know how keen you are to get on with your holiday in Turkey & we aim for it to start in the best possible way.
There is so much to discover in & around Fethiye , lots to see & do. Boat trips that visit local islands & bays, splash days out at Fethiye Aquapark, tours to wonderful places like Dalyan & Ephesus are just some of the fun things to do from Fethiye

Fethiye Weather

FETHIYE YACHT CHARTER WEATHER - What you can expect on your Turkey Yacht Charter to Fethiye
Fethiye is situated more or less where the Aegean & Mediterranean seas meet. It has a typically Med climate with long, hot , dry summers & mild wet winters. During the summer sea breezes help to minimise the feel of the humidity but even so given the hot temperatures the humidity levels can get quite high.
From May to October there is very little rainfall but during the winter ( Nov to Feb ) there can be a lot of storms & heavy rains sometimes for days on end. With the mountains across the harbour & behind & alongside the town becoming snowcapped there can be cold winds during the winter from the hills making the temperatures feel cooler.
Spring in Fethiye is beautiful with the many citrus, almond & fruit trees coming into blossom. Days are usually warm with clear blue skies.
Summers days are long & hot with balmy evenings perfect for strolling along the pretty harbour or browing in the many shops.

Fethiye Family Yacht Charter Holidays

FAMILY YACHT CHARTER HOLIDAYS Fethiye - fun for everyone

Turkey family holidays are popular as most resorts offer sun, sea & fun for all ages & none more so than Fethiye. With a huge stretch of beach, hundreds of restaurant & cafes serving everything from burgers ,Chinese, pizza & Indian to kebabs & seafood , plenty of local activities , days out & tours from Fethiye this town has everything needed for a great summer sun family yacht charter holiday in Turkey.

The Aegean & Mediterranean seas here are clear, warm & safe with gently sloping shores & no strong undercurrents making them ideal for children to swim & paddle in.


The abundance of cheap hotels in Fethiye has also helped to cement its status as a great Turkey holiday destination. From ultra low cost self catering apartments to family rooms in luxury all inclusive 5 star hotels in Fethiye all budgets & tastes are covered.

The plethora of shops, supermarkets & boutiques provides plenty of opportunity for holiday
souvenir hunting & should keep even the most shopaholic teenager engaged.

The Turks hospitality & their genuine love of children creates a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Rather than being ignored ( as is usually the case in UK ) children in Turkey are showered with attention - waiters , barmen & hotel staff will engage with young children & temper tantrums are indulged allowing parents to relax ,especially when dining out with a young family

Even with the availability of cheap flights to Dalaman from virtually every UK airport the choice for families can be limited especially during the school holiday months. Early booking discounts can help to keep costs down so if you are planning a family holiday to Turkey it pays to be the early bird.

With our years of expertise as a Turkey holiday specialist, Ece Yachting can help you find your perfect holiday to Turkey so why not give us a call & let our experienced, knowledgable staff assist you . Our daily competitive price checks mean our holiday package prices are unbeatable . Call our call centre today to book your great value summer holiday to Turkey.


Fethiye ALL INCLUSIVE YACHT CHARTER HOLIDAYS - Great holidays for less

With the increasing numbers of family holidays to Turkey the all inclusive hotel package has become more & more popular. The convenience of being able to get food all through the day & have unlimited local alocholic & soft drinks makes all inclusive hotels in Fethiye mini resorts in themselves for many vistors. Increasing numbers of holidaymakers who prefer not to have to worry about overspending choose this option

Fethiye ALL INCLUSIVE YACHT CHARTER - Huge choice range & plenty to do.

Hotels in Fethiye that offer all inclusive deals range from 3 star up to 5 star so there is a suitable one for every budget. Fethiye all inclusive hotels often have entertainment going on through the day & activites for the kids meaning the parents can have some time off. Menus will vary from pool bar snacks ( burgers etc ) to open buffets with a large selection to choose from depending on time of day. Some hotels may have more than 1 restaurant on site to choose from too.


For kids there will always be something on offer they like to eat & this can be a big plus for families on holiday to Turkey who dont have to stress about feeding their younger often picky members. There is always something available throughout the day for all members of the family to enjoy.

For those who enjoy new things the choice available, especially at the luxury all inclusive hotels in Fethiye is great allowing them to try a little of everything.

With its abundant nightlife & long beach holidays to Fethiye continue to be popular, with very competitively priced hotels & cheap flights to Dalaman airport all helping holidaymakers stretch their money further. Give Holidaymate a call to get the best cheap all inclusive holiday to Fethiye from our great range of hotels & flights.

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