Blue Cruises 

On the Aegean and the Mediterranean

Blue cruise or Blue Voyage is a term that is associated with the coastal waters of the Mediterranean in southern turkey, where the sails and masts of yachts and gulets can be seen bobbing along on the horizon and as far as you can imagine, primarily a term used for recreational cruises that year after year have grown and have added a valuable experience in Turkeys tourism sector.

Today the variety of vessels and classes are the envy of much of the world and with the economy of this country it makes a very attractive alternative to many other sailing destinations. 

Turkey is a country rich in history with some of the most amazing and well known UNESCO world heritage sites, from Istanbul to Ephesus, from Cappadocia to Pamukkale, some of the unique sites are unlike any other place on earth.  

Everything is possible with Ece Yachting, our expert staff will help you make the right choices for the perfect Aegean and Mediterranean cruises, with other overseas opportunities we also offer memorable vacations.


During your time onboard there is entertainment, sports and healthy eating, you will find a combination of many services whilst stopping in various harbours, shopping, diverse culture, history and geography everywhere you look, whilst cruising there is always time to hop on shore  and explore these beautiful places accompanied by expert guides.

Your blue cruise could take you from one port to a completely different destination, the choice is yours, but whichever route you choose you will be guaranteed wonderful cuisine, good company and scenery that will stay with you for a lifetime.


We at ECE Yachting, organise sail Turkey Blue Cruise tours with a customer satisfaction guarantee.