Boat Rental Conditions

Our company operates in the luxury class, luxurious and well within the standards of three groups. 
Private boat hire, and boat within your budget, a number of cabins we will choose the best option, according to the information you have given to us . And we will send to you best routes and tour program.  After you have looked at our options, and chosen which is best, deposit made by you, and boat rental contract will be forwarded back.  
Boat rental fee for the completion of the booking process at least 50% to our bank account number and confirmation fax is delivered, reservation will be made.

Boat hire cancellation :

Boat rentals cancellation is done by considering the following points .
90 days before the tour date cancellations made up to 20% of the cost of the tour is done by cutting the cancellation .

Cancellations made 60 days before the tour date tour cancellation fee is 30% of the cut .

Cancellations received 30 days before your departure date no refunds.

However, if guests wish us to hold your deposit for the following year, we can accept this and you will not lose your deposit.

Our obligations :

ECE Yachting will offer the service warranty obligation is in line with quality of service . 
Yachting ECE approved as a reservation and the Turkish law determined in accordance with the contract and conditions of the agreement.
Services to be provided by our company, ( boat breakdowns, bad weather , etc.) is not given e Yachting within 24 hours of the same quality and comfort with a precedent boat to your holiday with an opportunity to continue is obliged to provide .

All boats we use are covered under insurance. 
In this made our esteemed guests insurance take advantage of the party. But as we at ECA Yachting , advice to the customers is personal travel insurance also advisable.

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