Frequently Questions asked, and General Blue Information to Watch Out for

On boats, cabins (rooms) are usually not very large, but equipped to respond to all your needs. When you come to the tour, we recommend you to bring your items together with a fold-able suitcase that you can easily place in the cabin.

We recommend that you take your beach towels, sunglasses, sun cream, shorts and your sport shoes, hat, and of course a book.

In the cool summer evenings, a thin garment will protect you in the evening. If you have medicines that you regularly use, be sure to take your time and be sure to inform the captain and your relatives about this.

You are absolutely forbidden to walk around the boat with your outdoor shoes, if you find it uncomfortable to walk around with your bare feet, you can wear a soft sole slipper or a shoe to use on the boat.

Since yacht water is in limited quantities, it should be avoided from consumption.

Smoking in the boat is strictly forbidden, smoking is permitted on the deck but it is best to be careful in windy weather and take maximum care to avoid any unwanted situations.

Especially cruising times should keep our private goods safe and prevent them from flying to the sea.

Toilets should be clean, and toilet paper should be thrown into the garbage basket in the bathroom, and NOT down in the toilet, also no other foreign matter into the toilets.

When the boats are docked in the harbors, information must be given to the captain if you going on land, and care must be taken for returning to the boat.

The boat should be noted by yourself, and informed about any unusual situations, especially to the staff and captain.

Do not jump into the sea when the boat engine is still running. Service boats and water sports equipment should not be used without the captain's knowledge.

The lounges, (cabin windows) should be kept closed during the cruising times, and care must be taken against the danger of slipping on varnished painted floors while walking bare foot on the boats.

Before starting the tour, if you have a chronic condition, you have allergies or you have medications you have been using all the time, that you may have to use, you should definitely inform and direct the captain.

If you have tastes you do not like at meals, you should share it with our chefs and specify your special requests.

You should definitely ask about the information you need to attend to the information provided at the start of the tour.

On boats, the ports have the right to make changes regarding the route time and duration when it is deemed necessary in terms of safety of life and property, and the decisions are taken.

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are an excellent area for the blue tour and the sea, sun and history will provide you with a rare taste. For the blue cruise, Bodrum Marmaris is a tour organization between Göcek and Fethiye. For detailed information please contact us.
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