Life On Board


Introduction with your captain and crew.


Here, you will start your holiday with a welcome cocktail and all information of your route, and life of board your cruise.


The Captain will share with you all the details you need to know about your journey.

Electricity available at certain times, for charging your phones, cameras etc.


The first night will be spent either in the harbor or the first bay on your itinerary.


When you wake up on the first morning of your cruise beginning with a Traditional Turkish breakfast, everyone around the table at the same time, having a chat, and getting to know each other.


Stopping at different bays, for a swim and basking in the lovely sun on deck. Please be aware of the sun, it can be deceiving with the wind, you can burn very easily.


Anyone wishing to partake in other sports such as fishing, water sports will be able to, you can just ask the crew or your captain.



At some of the bays and harbors, there are chances of making short excursions on foot capturing the natural culture, while exploring.




Evening meals.

Watching the most beautiful sunsets, you would never imagined, then enjoying a luscious evening meal, BBQ, with a cocktail.




During your Cruise, people spend most of their time sipping drinks and relaxing on deck.

Time also for water-skiing, scuba diving, fishing plus walks once you drop anchor.

Items you’ll need

  • A camera
  • Swim-wear you’ll wear in the daytime.
  • Suitable sturdy shoes for walking on land.
  • Beach towels, lots of sun cream, and a hat for all times.
  • Casual clothes for evening.
  • Finally, if you want to sleep on deck, under the stars, you can take your blankets and pillows.

Safety Rules at all times on board.

  • Do not use to much water and electricity as there’s a limited supply on board.
  • No smoking inside. You can smoke on deck but do not throw the cigarette ends into the sea.
  • The wind can easily blow your things away, so please take care.
  • No throwing toilet paper or anything else that will block the toilet. Use the bin which is provided in your bathroom.
  • The captain can change the original route if something comes up, e.g. the sea conditions, this is for your own safety.
  • If you’re away from the boat tell a crew member and your friends when you’ll return. If the captain asks you to be back at a specific time please return. 
  • Keep watch over your children at all times.
  • We know you might like to jump off the side of the boat. However, please wait for the boat’s engines to stop.
  • The boat’s dinghy is for emergency only, or taking you to shore.
  • No running on the deck, as the floors become Wet and slippery so please be careful at all times.
  • Also be careful of any other equipment on the boat whilst you’re moving around.
When you leave the boat please always check you haven’t left any of your personal items.