Cabin Charter - our easy step by step guide.

Cabin Rental and Boat Cruises

Blue Cruise tours sail the Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Bozburun and Fethiye region, taking you to numerous stunning bays, quaint harbour towns and secluded islands, cruising opens the doors to a new world that you will never forget. There are many Cabin rental tour routes which are determined by us, to choose from, with years of experience sailing the waters of Turkeys Mediterranean coastline we can not wait to share the delights that are hidden away. In order to plan the best cruise, the following points should be considered.

Select a Date

The perfect cruise begins with good planning and organization, our boats are required to work within the framework of a specific program starting on Saturdays and returning the following Saturday. So planning your arrival and departure from Turkey is essential.

The Aegean and Mediterranean sailing season starts in April and because the weather is guaranteed continues each year until the end of October.

Route Selection

Apart from cruising you can also take short walks on the beach, join land tours and take in the history and culture of this incredible country. This is why the preferred duration of four hours per day sailing allows ample time for exploring the ports, islands and bays. Choosing your route with destinations that have a personal interest to you will only enhance your cruise.
Also where you begin and end your tour and how far the harbours are from the airport or from another destination that you may be travelling onto will be an important factor


Your Budget

Rental price of the boat is directly related to the size, class and number of guests, however here at Ece Yachting we will always do our best to find the right cabin charter within your budget. We can also cost a modest luxury or super luxury boat depending on what class of vessel you desire. The blue voyage journeys are planned with a variety of alternative options to fulfil your dreams beyond your expectations.

Selection of Boat

The selection of the boat relates directly with the number of people that will be onboard, regardless of budget, with years of experience we will recommend the most suitable options from our boats available. Getting to know you and understanding how you would like to spend your time onboard will help us select the best choice from the options available, we aim to provide a recommendation you can trust whilst you sail in Turkey.

Eating on Board

Our refrigerators are maintained at regulated temperatures, ensuring the freshness of produce during your tour, therefore enabling us to prepare the finest meals for you.

All provisions are bought the day of your departure, however, you can buy your own if this is preferred. You can also choose between our exquisite onboard menus either standard, luxury, or deluxe and pay a fee per person per day, all purchases will be made ​​by Ece Yachting. Let us know your personal preferences, and our chef's will deliver.


Please keep in mind the Harbour’s where the boats are docked, and land transportation when booking your flights by plane to the nearest airport, also the number of people. With this in mind we will be able to help you organize your transfers.

Booking and Payment

Certain reservations must be done in advance. To do this, at least 50% of the total amount will need to be paid for your deposit to hold the reservation. Your boat rental agreement will be sent via fax or e-mail. The amount remaining must be paid before the start of the tour, as in accordance with the terms of your contract.

Life on Board

Meeting the staff on the first day, the Captain will share with you all the details you need to know about the boat and your journey. You will be shown to your cabins and start your holiday with a welcome cocktail.

You will spend the first night either in the harbour or a nearby bay. When you awake in the morning, the day will begin with a delicious breakfast. Fluctuations in the sea conditions define times for meals, your crew will inform you of any changes. Guests will be able to spend much of the day enjoying swimming, sunbathing and water sports.

Short naps are great after meals as well as swimming breaks, there is also the opportunity of boat trips by canoe or motorized water sports.

At some of the bays and harbours, you will be able to join short excursions or organized cultural tours all details will be made available whilst onboard.

At sunset enjoy a drink and pleasant after-dinner conversation on your dream cruise, the perfect end to your day. Then start all over again the next morning.