Turkey's famous Blue cruise is the perfect route for anyone wishing to enjoy the beautiful warm waters of the Mediterranean, come and explore some of the most stunning coves and bays of this stunning region, discover history and walk through ancient sites that bring history to life, spend time with friends and family or just enjoy meeting people from all walks of life who have come together to experience the delights of sailing in Turkey, spending time together onboard is a great way of making new friends.

The term Blue Cruise is used for a specific sailing route in southern Turkey, since the 1960's when tourism really took off in this beautiful region, these waters have seen a rise in both cabin charters and private yacht charters. The Blue Cruise route starts from the western Bodrum peninsula and travels on a south-easterly path to the Datca region and carries on towards the almost untouched Bozburun peninsula with its very quiet bays and pretty islands, after Bozburun the Blue cruise route takes you to the old fishing village of Marmaris, today a thriving well known large tourist town, continuing on an eastern path the next major stop on this route is Gocek and on to Fethiye, the last leg of this incredibly stunning Blue Cruise coastline is to Kas, Kekova, Demre and Olympos. From start to finish there are amazing sites to see and each place has a slightly different cultural delight to offer, the amazing evidence of history along the Blue Cruise route is a major attraction and many passengers take some time out from cruising to visit ancient sites such as Ephesus and Hierapolis, in-between these stopping points are many smaller villages and inlets again each has a story to share, there are many castle ruins and vantage points that make anchoring in these bays such an unforgettable memory. With the advantage of being able to start and stop your cruise in a different destination ebvery day, cabin charter is a great way to spend time exploring some of this amazing country. 

In general on a standard gulet cabin cruise your cabin will either have Twin, Double or Triple sleeping capacities, each with a private bathroom (shower and toilet). Departure dates in cabin rentals are carefully selected by our company to guarantee the best blue cruise for you. Cabin Charters that start and end in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Olympos and Gocek are the most popular due to price factors and the beauty of the region, there are also cabin cruises that sail to the Greek Islands, another great option for you.


You decide, let us know what you want and leave the rest up to us to organise your itinerary, for an amazing sailing adventure.


From the table below you will find all the information you will need about our Boat cruise tour options.

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Route & Types (Tour Prices)
 Mini Cabin Charter Durations Port Price
Fethiye - Olympos 4 Days 3 NightsFethiye 380
Olympos - Fethiye 4 Days 3 Nights Demre 380
Fethiye - Marmaris 4 Days 3 NightsFethiye 420
Marmaris - Fethiye 4 Days 3 NightsMarmaris 420
Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye (All Inc.) 8 Days - 7 NightsFethiye 550
Fethiye - Gocek Bay & Gocek Islands - Fethiye 4 Days 3 NightsFethiye 380
 Economic Cabin Charter Durations Port Price
Fethiye - Olympos - Fethiye 7 Days 6 NightsFethiye 0
Fethiye - Marmaris - Fethiye 8 Days 7 Nights Fethiye 550
Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye 8 Days 7 NightsFethiye 550
Fethiye - Gocek Islands and Bays (Family Tour) 8 Days 7 NightsFethiye 550
Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris 8 Days 7 NightsMarmaris 550
Bodrum - Gokova - Bodrum 8 Days 7 NightsBodrum 550
 Cabin Charter with Luxury Yachts Durations Port Price
Fethiye - Oludeniz - Gocek - Fethiye (Lux) 8 Days 7 NightsFethiye 0
 Cabin Charter with A/C Yachts Durations Port Price
Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye (With A/C) 8 Days 7 NightsFethiye 550
Marmaris - Hisaronu Gulf - Marmaris (With A/C) 8 Days 7 NightsMarmaris
Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris (With A/C) 7 Days 8 NightsMarmaris 550
Kemer - Kekova - Kemer (With A/C) 8 Days 7 NightsAntalya 960
Bodrum-Gokova-Bodrum (With A/C) 8 Days 7 NightsBodrum 1330
Bodrum - Hisaronu Bay - Bodrum (With A/C) 8 Days 7 NightsBodrum 0
 Greek Island Cabin Charter Durations Port Price
Rhodes - Symi - Tilos - Rhodes 8 Days 7 NightsYunan Adaları 0
Marmaris - Bozburun - Datca - Symi - Rhodes - Marmaris 7 Days 8 NightsMarmaris 0
Bodrum-Southern Greek Islands-Bodrum 7 Days 8 NightsBodrum 0
Bodrum - Kos - Leros - Patmos - Lipsi - Kalymnos - Aquarium Bay - Bodrum 7 Days 8 NightsBodrum 0
Fethiye-Rhodes-Symi-Marmaris-Fethiye 7 Days 8 NightsFethiye 0
 Diving Tour Cabin Charter Durations Port Price
Fethiye - Aquarium Bay - Fethiye (Dive Tour) 1 Day (Daily Tour)Fethiye 0
Fethiye - Oludeniz - Butterfly Valley- Gocek Bays & Islands - Fethiye (Dive Tour) 7 Days 6 NightsFethiye 0
 Cabin Charter with Yacht Name Durations Port Price
Bodrum - Symi - Hisaronu Gulf - Bodrum (With A/C) 7 Days 8 NightsBodrum 0