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Diving Tours Fethiye

Output port: Fethiye
Return Port of Fethiye
Gocek and Fethiye have some of the most beautiful bays for a 1 week blue cruise, combined with a weeks diving activities. Whilst cruising enjoy snorkelling and the underwater beauty of the marine life of this region, large and small fish can be fed by hand.
You can enjoy a fabulous experience for the best price with expert diving instructors.
Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise Fethiye and Gocek coasts. Wake up every morning on the bluest of Mediterranean waters, away from all the noise.

Rates: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea are included. Our boat is very comfortable, you will also have the use of face masks, snorkels and fins.

The DIVER DIVING                        Non-Divers     
April-May-October : € 700                April-May : € 600
June-September : € 830                   June-September: € 730
July-August: € 960                             October-November : € 600

Divers                                                     Non-Divers
April-May-November : € 10.870      April-May-November : € 7.500
June-October: € 11.150                    June-October: € 9.670
July-August: € 12.220                       July-August: 10.690

Our Boat Diving

You and your expectations are provided for with every comfort and security in mind. For this purpose, the boat has two brand 232lt/ ALK and marıner190lt/ air compressors. Alkin compressors are quiet and electric.

UNLIMITED DIVING This powerful compressor will ensure that you are kept clean and well maintained every moment .

Diving cylinders 10lt , 12lt and 15lt  (STEEL PIPES). All diving equipment is obtained from trusted brands and ongoing maintenance is carried out. Our tubes are suitable for DIN and INT systems 

Safety is our main priority , and one of two oxygen cylinders  of portable oxygen kit is always kept ready .

Two dives per day, accompanied by an experienced guide and instructor all times.  Your own level appropriate for the dive, you can also dive with a friend allowing you to make additional dives.

Scuba diving for all, first timers and experienced divers welcome. Choose from (TSSF/CMAS/PADI) during the tour all divers are given the opportunity to take training.  For additional information about the courses please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Sight under water varies according to the seasons. Industrial pollution affecting areas less than 15-20m from time to time İn the turquoise waters of Turkey's southern coast visibility is often 40-45 m.

The only dangerous marine life in our region are sea urchins and centipedes.  As a precaution, we advise all not to touch them. 

Diving Zones

Through this program we offer you advantageous diving routes and a blue cruise tour with a difference. The first and last day of our dive is outside the reach of almost all daily dive boats.  At the Cape of demons during almost every dive we see many barracuda. Fish that are typical of the Mediterranean, sea bream,  sea bass, grouper and puffer fish can be seen in all seasons.

Also in this region you may be able to dive through caves and wrecks. you may also see the underwater Lycian 200m wall which has a fascinating beauty and charm .

We can dive at many places on this tour. 
Diving spots are determined according to Weather. Sea conditions and according to the experience of the divers.
Our dive time and depth depends on the use of air, we can expect up to 55-60 minutes.



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