Ece Yachts Food & Beverage Program,

Private Yacht Charter

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner will consist of fresh vegetables, chicken, fish or meat, in accordance with the tastes of Mediterranean, appetizers (mezes) are abundant and delicious. According to pre-determined shopping list, menus are organised prior to the cruise so that they can be prepared by our cook. Maintaining freshness by use of coolers and freezers are in place so that the products can be served without wastage of anything brought prior to the cruise.

By taking into consideration all your needs the food and drinks will be prepared to your tastes.

Provided that the guests are happy to pay per person, standard or luxury menus can be provided.

The standard menu is 50 Euros per person per day, and the luxury menu is 60 Euros per person per day and deluxe menu 70 Euro. (Soft drinks additional 5 euros per day)


Cabin Rental Menu's.

Whilst sailing in Turkey cabin rental food consists of a traditional Turkish breakfast in the morning and for other meals there is a wide range of choices which you can select according to your taste. Fresh seasonal vegetables and mezes are usually given for lunch. Then at approximately five o'clock, cake, fruit or biscuits are served.

The dinner menu changes each day, with one-day intervals of meat, fish or chicken. Meals are cooked in an oven or on a  barbecue. There is always a variety of appetizers and salads.

All services are performed by the boat staff .

All drinks are extra with our programs and are at affordable prices. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed in the cabin or on the boat tour programs.

Cabin Rental (All Inclusive Program)

However, all meals and afternoon tea is included in the cabin rental program, also from 12.00 to 23.00 all soft drinks and local alcoholic beverages on board are included in the cruise price such as, Rakı, beer and wine, (Local drinks/brands only).