Maintenance is carried out each year before the start of the season. Regular and thorough maintenance extends the life of the equipment and in the long term will affect the performance and safety of the vessel. 
Annual maintenance and repair checks include machinery, generators, water pumps, mechanical parts, electronic devices such as air conditioners etc, all are thoroughly checked and repaired or replaced if necessary. Experienced shipwrights, carpenters, painters etc are always on hand to make ready for another year.


In practice every two years boats are taken out of the water and a survey control is prepared (paint, anodes, hull repair and complete maintenance) a marine survey control is passed and each vessel if safe and fit after inspection, receives her legally required documents. During this examination period, the technical layout will be examined, due care is taken and any deficiencies must be rectified. 

The safety of our passengers and guests and also our crew members whilst sailing in Turkey and the Greek islands is paramount. ECE Yachting carries out extensive boat maintenance and repair with professional, experienced staff.

Technical services that we offer:

Wood Work (Carpentry)

All boats will have used wood within their build and design somewhere. Conventional gulet's also include many varieties of wood both on deck and throughout.
Over time and with continuous use these materials can become damaged or scratched, we employ master craftsmen to maintain our vessels and to treat the various wood surfaces, especially teak deck maintenance and repair, which needs highly specialized materials.

Maintenance of Machinery and Auxiliary Elements

All motor boat engines, auxiliary, pumps, heating and cooling elements including lighting circuits and generators receive periodic maintenance and are done in a timely manner ready for the summer season.
maintenance work is carried out by qualified professional craftsmen for our boats to be kept in the optimum working order. All of these works, where necessary are carried out by ECE services assuring both quality and economical conditions


Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Circuits

All electrical and electronic circuits in or over time can be damaged by wear and tear and exposed to oxidation. All that is needed to prevent a breakdown is of our utmost importance, both maintenance and repairs are done by specialized technicians.
In addition, maintenance and repair of air conditioning units are repaired and cleaned by qualified technicians. 


Yacht flooring and plenty of sun-exposed areas are regularly maintained and renewed, especially any materials that are exposed to the elements, we use the highest standard of materials that are suitable for the job and quality workmanship is applied.
In this context, ECE YACHTING provides the best quality within an economical price frame.

Clean and Waste-Water Facilities

All equipment used in clean and waste water onboard is managed by experienced and skilled workmen, we also use the correct and safest chemicals, of the highest quality.

We continuously maintain the very best in water maintenance and control as to not have unnecessary problems arise. In this context, we work with an expert technical team, providing the best service.


Winter Yacht maintenance, repair and renovation within Turkey is economical and offers an advantageous position, creating an ever-increasing demand in services.

At ECE Yachting all maintenance and repairs are carried out safely and within an acceptable time frame.

All marinas in Turkey today comply with European standards, within a much more economical price range.

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