In general, in all or periodic maintenance is done before the season starts. This will extend the life of the boats equipment and economy in the long term.  Boats arriving at the annual maintenance and repair, machinery, generators, water pumps, mechanical parts with electronic devices such as air conditioners, carpenters, painters, bricklayers and a lot of help will be made ready for another year.


In practice, all or every two years ashore pulling land surveyor control is prepared ( paint anodes exchange underwater sector repair and maintenance during this period is then re- sea marine surveyor control is passed to the sea and receives the document. During this period, the technique layout with all care and deficiencies must be completed . Economized escaping periodic maintenance not to have to do season within encounter problems cause you to be and the sea not want to encounter a situation that we also repair and maintenance costs increases condition. EUR Yachting as a boat manufacturing maintenance and repair,  and knowledgeable with experienced staff.

Our technical services we offer:

Wood Works (Carpentry)

All boats more or less according to the nature uses wood.  These conventional gullets also includes all or. In this context, the need to scratch or bruise place in the manufacture and repair of both existing or exchange, teak deck maintenance and repair of the areas needing specialize materials.


Maintenance of machinery and auxiliary elements

All motor boats and at least one host and auxiliary and a lot depends on the characteristics of the boat pumps, heating and cooling elements include lighting circuits and generators. All these periodic maintenance's should be done in a timely manner and in a manner ready for summer to be kept intact and working. All of these organizations and where necessary, repair and expert staff with ECE service assurance Yachting is done in the most economical conditions


Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Circuits

All electrical and electronic circuits found in or over time caused by wear and tear with oxidation are exposed to very strong.

All they need to prevent a breakdown in both maintenance and making repairs must be done by specialized technicians. In addition, maintenance and repair of air conditioning circuits negotiated again is done in teams and economical way. 

In all circumstances you need Ece Yachting which will be beside you.



Yacht flooring and plenty of sun-exposed areas, especially the sea of material featured quality workmanship should be prepared to be applied in their preparation. Yachting in this context, ECE, based on experience and knowledge to you the best quality provided in the most economic ways.

Clean and Waste Water Facilities

All equipment used in all or to those skilled in the art must be made with the right chemicals and of the highest quality. Otherwise subsequent high costs and labor can lead to these problems. In this context, we have worked with expert technical team of the company by providing the best service.


Winter Yacht maintenance, repair and renovation according to the countries in the region Turkey is quite economical and advantageous position and with the advantage of the geography of the region is rising quickly and safely ECE services Yachting heard it is maintaining itself.


Also marinas in Turkey, comply with the European standards and is also more economical.
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