Blue Cruise & Cabin Charter Land Tours

Blue cruises on the Mediterranean are incredible. Whilst sailing you will be able to enjoy short-nature walks on the islands and coves and depending on your cruise route you may also like to join a tour to some of southern Turkeys most ancient cities, Our land tours are accompanied by professional guides who will ensure you gain the most from your tour. If you decide that you would like to hop on land for a while we will arrange the tour details for you.

One of the worlds most stunning cities and the only one that has a foot on two continents, packed with history and an incredible atmosphere at every turn, it is almost impossible to visit Turkey without going to Istanbul, With world wide known landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia, The Topkapi Palace, The oldest and largest covered market in the world ''The Grand Bazaar'' with so many stunning Mosques,
each that will take your breath away, from Galeta Tower to Maidens Tower to sailing the Bosphorus, this city built on 7 hills is like no other.

One of the most famous ancient cities in Turkey, located 55 kilometres from the large city of Izmir and one of the most intact ancient cities in the world, walk down the central marble street and you can easily imagine this great city during its heyday, you will stand in-front of the facade of the great library of Celsus, commissioned in 110 AD its is simply stunning and had the capacity for 16 thousand papyrus scrolls, the great amphitheatre of Ephesus is a sight to behold able to seat up to 24,000 spectators. There is so much more to see and your guide will take you back in time as you wind your way through this extraordinary city. 

Further inland but not to be missed is the strange yet hauntingly beautiful landscape of Cappadocia, where over millions of years the winds and rains have formed a unique landscape, where early Christians found refuge, making these strange rock formations into homes and an underground city on a colossal scale, today you can visit and stay in luxurious hotels, once homes carved from the very rock face have now been made into 5 star hotels, famed for the balloon rides across the skies of this stunning region, you will not be disappointed.

Pamukkale & Hierapolis,
Just 3 hours from the southern port of Fethiye you can travel inland to the unusual landscape of Pamukkale where for thousands of years the calcium rich waters from deep inside the earth have found their way to the surface and trickled down the mountainside creating a luna like landscape of white on a grand scale, for thousands of years people have come here for the therapeutic waters and just above Pamukkale on a flat plateau lays the ancient ruins of the city of Hierapolis, your professional guide will enchant you with the incredible tales of this unusual place.

There are so many other places in Turkey to visit from Trabzon and Riza in the Black Sea famed for the tea plantations, to some of the most ancient areas in the east such as the beautiful city of Sanliurfa, or the 12,000 year old ancient site of Gobekli Tepe to the peaks of Mount Nemrut with the colossal carved heads, to the city of Troy with its wooden horse, to the unbelievable architecture of Sumela Monastery clinging to the rockface of a mountainside in the Black Sea, the natural wonder of Lake Abant, an incredible place to visit in the Autumn when the leaves change colour and display an unimaginable array of colour, this incredible country has so much to offer and if you would like to see any of these destinations for yourself, we can arrange this for you as an extra part of your incredible adventure whilst sailing in Turkey.