Yacht charter is the practice of renting a Gulet, sailboat or motor yacht and travelling to various coastal or Island destinations, either for the purpose of a vacation activity but also, ever increasingly for corporate events.

There are two main types of charter, bareboat (
renting a boat and skippering it yourself) and bareboat crewed charters (renting a boat with an experienced crew). Most bareboat companies offer courses to teach basic seamanship and prepare people for bareboat chartering. These companies sometimes provide skippered charters, meaning that the boat comes with a skipper but no other additional crew members.

The advantages of private yacht charter as opposed to cabin charter is mainly the level of privacy, when you charter a boat the entire vessel is at your disposal, you and your family or party can fully relax, if you prefer total privacy then yacht charter is an ideal choice.

Traditional Turkish Yachts - GULETS
Yacht construction in Turkey is one of the fastest growing boat industries in the world. A traditional design of two-mast or three-mast wooden sailing vessels, with the addition of advanced technology making cruising safe and simple, these vessels are designed and built with extreme comfort in mind and come in a variety of standards, catering for all cruise enthusiasts.
These beautiful wooden boats are designed specifically for the blue voyage classification, taking into account, size, cabin number and rigging equipment.

Standard Gulet's
In general standard gulets are above 20 meters in length and equipped with spacious decks, lounge, kitchen, private cabins and bathrooms.

Luxury Gulet's
This class of boat, is of a higher standard the materials used throughout are more luxurious, lounge, cabins and bathrooms have been fitted so as to provide our guests with quality, to meet all their needs including air conditioning, generator systems and both visual and hardware equipment .

Deluxe Gulet's
Deluxe gulet of up to 40 meters, the cabins on a deluxe gulet are fewer in number, making them more spacious with extra storage room and facilities, the living areas provide our guests with every comfort whilst on board. The Deluxe gulet not only has every comfort, food service and excellent hospitality, there is also the option to add extra services, and extra cabin staff such as hostesses.

Modern Yachts
Modern yachts, despite a wide variety of designs, the 2 main manufacturing materials used are fiberglass and steel, and its these materials, weights and designs that make all the difference to speed and fuel consumption, every sailor has a personal preference whether you are sailing for recreational purposes or professional use a motor yacht has many advantages in todays competitive market.

- Sailboats (Bareboat)
Generally freely licensed, the route you choose will be a factor in making the most out of sailing Turkey. Today they are generally produced of fiber glass. So enjoy this unique style of sailing with ECE YACHTING, we will provide your license for sailing or we can arrange for a professional captain for your Bareboat rental.

- Motor Boat (Motor Yacht)
Designed to be able to travel long distances in a short time. Produced in fiber glass or steel. Typically high powered engines with high-speed cruising these boats can be rented without personnel, or by persons licensed to sail along with staff if preferred. Motor Yachts today, offer extreme luxury .