Yacht chartering is the practice of renting, or chartering a sailboat or motor yacht and travelling to various coastal or Island destinations. This is usually a vacation activity but also can be a corporate event.

There are two main kinds of charter, bareboat and crewed Bareboat charters which involves a person renting a boat or cabin and skippering it themselves if they are renting the whole yacht. The other way is gathering up a group and renting the yacht with them. Most bareboat companies also offer courses to teach basic seamanship and prepare people for bareboat chartering. These companies also sometimes provide skippered charters, meaning that boat comes with a skipper but no additional crew.


Yacht construction in Turkey is one of the fastest growing.

A traditional design of two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel, quite advanced and extremely comfortable with various standards for boat cruise enthusiasts.

Wooden yachts in themselves, although designed accordingly for the blue voyage classification of the vessel size, cabin number and rigging equipment.

Standard Gulets

In general, around 20 meters in length equipped with cabins and toilets.

Standard Gulet Boats

Luxury Gulets

This class of boat construction, has more luxurious materials used, halls, cabins, bathrooms quite luxurious giving the guests all kinds of needs including air conditioning, generator systems equipped with visual and hardware.

Luxury Gulet Boats

Deluxe Gulets

Deluxe gulet with lengths of up to 40 meters, although the cabins are fewer in number and giving guests lots of space in the living areas providing our guests every comfort and luxury on the boat. Deluxe gulet has every comfort, as well as in the food service and hospitality making you feel privileged. In addition, a deluxe cabin or a sufficient number of personnel are being necessarily optional services are offered such as hostesses.

Deluxe Gulet Boats

Modern yachts

Modern yachts, despite the wide variety of techniques and materials manufactures the cruise with two main topics that are collected (motor yacht) , makes cruising with the wind, ( bareboat ) however, generally used in the manufacture of fiberglass and steel.

Ece Exclusive Boats

- Sailboats ( bareboat )

Generally freely licensed, mariners at sea crew hired, determining the route to choose to make the most beautiful sailing. They have been designed accordingly to these boats sailing in the production of fiber glass. So enjoying this unique sailing and Yachting with ECE we will provide your license for sailing, or we can arrange for a professional captain for your Bareboat rental .


- Motor Boat ( Motor Yacht )

To be able to travel long distances in a short time this is designed for that purpose, in production of fiber glass or steel.

Typically two or more large machines with high-speed cruising these boats can be rented without personnel, or by persons licensed to sail along with staff if preferred.

Motor Yachts today embodies all the comfort and luxury of travel enthusiasts offering this extremely luxurious yacht.

Motor Boat ( Motor Yacht )