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Private Yacht cruises in Turkey. The Blue Cruise, either its your first time, or coming back again, one of the most popular destination in the world, to charter yachts around the Mediterranean.

As well as a number of different itinerary options, you will cruise on our beautiful waters loving the magical experience, this is where you will fall in to a wonderful dream, that becomes reality, and taking back special memories never to be forgotten.

We would love to share all this with you and show you why Turkey is known for its hospitality, the Mediterranean colour's, foods, traditions, and from the moment you step on board, you can expect first-class, personalized service, and there is no better way to explore our rich culture and history than on board our yachts. So come and join us on a cruise with Ece Yachting.

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Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris, Bozburun, Datca, Bodrum, Greek Islands...


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There are a total of 872 boats in our portfolio; Gulet Yachts, Motor Yacht, Sailing Yachts & Trawler yachts.


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Yacht Charter Guest Reviews

Dear Ece Yachting, Having just returned home to California from one of your stellar yacht cruises - on the beautiful Berrak Su - I have been inundated with interest from clients about a similar travel experience for future small groups like ours. This was not my first visit to Turkey - but it was certainly special due to the beautiful coastline we traveled and the impeccable care that our group received under Captain Yussef (sp?) and his crew - Hussein, Onur, Serap & Chef. Thanks so much for your assistance. I look forward to working together going forward. Many thanks & Tesekkurler, Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid / USA

For BERRAK SU Yachts

5 Star Rating

23rd June 2018 / 7th July 2018 Ece Berrak Deluxe Yacht. Actually, if we can stay here forever we would love to. The co-habitance of 2 weeks with close friends and family, and of course the crew makes this experience. Captain Osman, makes his daily magic by finding the best bays, best locations, handling sails and currents. Seaman Mustafa, doing the hardest jobs from 5am till 2am following morning being awake and aware for 20 hours a day and always a big smile. Chef, Mehmet, Not enough words to express the gratitude for making perfect meals, soups, perfect Hummus, excellent baked fish, natalias style, my favorite man. Rezmie, Best housekeeping, careing, kind, ever thoughtful. And our little Sükran, always there with teas, coffees, decorating the table making all ready a true pleasure. Great crew, our favorite gulet and beloved Turkey. Your Pirates of the Aegean Sea.

irina zharova /


5 Star Rating
26 December, 2018

Gocek Yacht Charter Destinations

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The route is much more than a vacation, Gocek is known for its most beautiful yachting areas in the country. The bays are enjoyed by holidaymakers and is an international yachting center with five first-class marinas, with yachts of all sizes being owned by multi millionaires, and famous celebrities visiting, and also a popular stop over for vessels voyaging on the Mediterranean...

27 July, 2017

Yacht Charter from Fethiye

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Fethiye is a working town and is popular with the tourists, and a huge port city, in Muğla Province in the south western part of Turkey. In ancient times it used to be known as Telmessos, lying on the border region between the Carian and Lycian civilizations, where the Mediterranean and Aegean sea meet together. ...