Yacht Charter from Fethiye

Fethiye is a working town and is popular with the tourists, and a huge port city, in Muğla Province in the south western part of Turkey.

In ancient times it used to be known as Telmessos, lying on the border region between the Carian and Lycian civilizations, where the Mediterranean and Aegean sea meet together.
Small coves and bays along the coast in this region giving its beauty around Gocek and Fethiye.

The Gulf of Fethiye extending to the west and northwest, dotted with dozens of islands with secluded bay stops taking in the breathtaking views. Set against forests and hills that slope up from the shore. The Gulf of Fethiye offers one of the most prettiest sites of coastline and is so popular with people cruising around these areas.

These forests, Pinus nigra ( black pine ), Pinus brutia ( red pine ) and Cedrus (cedar ) trees, are around these areas. Shrubs in coastal oak groves of olive trees and citrus fruits, found in the streams and ground water where it grows all the time and Liquid ambar oriental (daily tree) forests are among these endemic species.

In the Mediterranean Turkey is one of the most important nesting areas of the Caretta Caretta the Green sea turtle they nest and lay their eggs, and these species are highly protected.

In ancient times, Fethiye was the most important city in the Lycian, one of the oldest Anatolian civilizations, today preserves its small traditional Anatolian character.
Today the city’s rich past is evoked in Lycian rock tombs, Fethiye Castle and the Telmessos Ancient Theatre. Dating from the 4th century BC, these Lycian rock-cut tombs are the place where great rulers were buried. Near to the Fethiye harbour, is the Telmessos Antique Theatre, this was built around the 2nd century.