Gokova Yacht Charter

Gokova is a protected environmental area and an important residential centre located in the town of Acre in the north east of the Gulf of Gokova in the province of Mugla, 27 kilometres north of Marmaris.
One of the key areas in the region is Cedar island, located in the southern part of the Gulf. Inscriptions of the Hellenistic and Roman periods are abundant here. Another special environmental protection area is Vefauna in Gokova with a rich flora and ecological importance. Aegean and Mediterranean olive groves are also scattered throughout this region. Bare rocky and marshy areas are part of the charm that make this area so fascinating to so many.

This area is also well known for its diverse poultry, turtle doves, quail, pulp partridge, black swamp fishermen, nightjar, swallows, woodpeckers, starlings, blackbirds, marsh crow, rooks, freckles, wild ducks, wild geese mountain sparrows, eagles, falcons, hawks and owls. 
A diverse array of fish species is found in the area along with many other sea creatures such as Otters and at certain times of the season dolphins can also been seen.

As an important part of the Ottoman Empire, Gokova's history is filled with unique tales and memories and make this a destination that has become popular for those who love to sail Turkey.