Koycegiz Dalyan Yacht Charter

Dalyan, a special environmental protection Area in Mugla. The Northeast and South eastern regions are flat and hilly, surrounded by pine forests and are dotted with lakes and numerous canals, about 4.5 kilometres of this coastline is an important breeding and nesting area for sea turtles.

Koycegiz Lake covers a region of approx 10,000 acres, it is between 20 and 60 meters deep and is abundant with a variety of fish. Sitting on a fault line this 7500 year old lake has hot sulphurous springs along the borders creating natural spa waters. 

Due to its dunes and vast reed beds the bird life here is abundant from stork to swallow, reed warbler, smiling tern, serpent eagle, bees, birds, gulls, glossy ibis, small white herons and a variety of other bird species each of which come to breed in winter time.

Koycegiz and Dalyan residential areas are fast developing, as is farm tourism.
Koycegiz lake has recreational activities and the development of spa tourism is controlled and aimed at protecting the wildlife and the citrus groves .

Your Blue cruise route may take you to this part of southern Turkey, a conservationists dream and a must for encountering such delights. Sailing in Turkey is full of unusual delights not to be missed.