Kekova - Olympos Yacht Charter

Kekova is an intriguing and beautiful island not far from Demre in the district of Antalya in southern Turkey. The name "Kekova" in Turkish means "plain of thyme".  
Kekova region is where many choose to sail Turkey and take the time to experience the blue cruise to see the famous and ancient ruins of the sunken city of Simena, Kekova.

Kekova island is long and narrow, the coast is dotted with many archaeological remains of antiquity. As a result of tectonic movements that led to the rise of the Western Taurus Mountains the cities of Kekova and Simena plunged into the sea in the 2nd century. 
On the north shore of Kekova island you will see the main part of the remains of the city. Swimming and diving are strictly prohibited due to the preservation of this important site, however the waters here are so clear you can plainly see the city from your vessel.
Simena Castle, mostly still intact is an historical fortress that overlooks the amazing blue waters and can been seen by cruising in between the Sunken city and Kekova. You can walk up to the castle, where you will find a small 300 seat amphitheatre and a view that is worth the walk.

Cruising through this area is fascinating, sights you can not imagine surround you in this magical and historical place.